Oil Free Dental Compressor LFxD0.7

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The LFxD is a single-stage oil-free reciprocating compressor with integrated dryers and a maximum working pressure of 10 bar (145 psi).

When you need clean air, “technically oil-free” really won’t do. Oil-injected compression, even filtered, cannot guarantee that all oil vapours, aerosols and other contaminants are removed from the air.

Atlas Copco pioneered the oil-free air technology that removes any risk of contamination by oil. What is more, we also set a new standard in air quality as the first manufacturer to be certified ISO 8573-1 Class 0. With no less than four clean air piston series (the LZ, LF, LFx and LFxD), we have the right oil-free compressor for you.

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Supply Your Surgery

100% Clean & Zero Oil Free Air


The heavy-duty Picolino air inlet filter minimizes noise to allow installation close to the point of use.

Full Feature

Integrated refrigerant air dryer. Wet vessel to ensure a lower load on the dryer.


Elektronikon® Base controller gives you easy, intuitive control. Service indications and visual alerts safeguard performance and reliability.

Dental Compressor - Model: Oil Free Dental Compressor LFxD0.7


A tank-mounted model with varying receiver sizes available.


A refrigerant dryer can be fully integrated to ensure dry, quality air without taking up extra space.

Peace of Mind

Timer and electronic drains are available for maximum peace of mind.

Oil Heater

Prevent condensation at low loads and improve reliability with the optional oil heater.

Technical Specification

Every bit of useful information in one place

Maximum working pressure (bar, psig): 10, 145

FAD @ 50 Hz (l/s, m3/min, cfm): 1.02, 0.06, 2.16

Installed motor power (kW, hp): 0.55, 0.7

Noise level (dBA): 61

Electrical Supply (Voltage / Phase) : 230v / 1ph

The complete compressed air package

By Atlas Copco

Automotive-style cylinders made of high silicium aluminium alloy with low tolerance finishing for extremely low clearance and minimized friction.

Direct drive eliminates transmission losses.

Industrial unloader valve:

Designed to withstand extreme conditions and high working pressures.
The unloader valve reduces starting torque for a longer compressor and motor lifetime as well as limited strain on the electricity net.

Single electrical connection for easy, plug-and-play installation.

A wide range of air treatment devices is available to meet air purity levels as required by ISO 8573-1 2010.

Highest quality components:

Heavy-duty sealed-for-life ball bearings selected for continuous duty and long lifetime.
Die-cast aluminium crankcase and finned cylinder heads with high cooling characteristics, for a long lifetime and efficient operation.

Additional information


Without Dryer

Electrical Supply

Single Phase

Flow (cfm)

2.16 cfm

kW Size

0.55 kW

Noise Level

61 dB(A)

Tank Size

24 litre

Pressure (bar)