Compressed Air Filter DD45+

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Compressor element lubrication and your compressor installation itself can release oil aerosols and wet dust in your air system. DD+ filters efficiently remove these contaminants to protect your equipment and your processes. These innovative filtration solutions are engineered to cost-effectively provide the best air purity and meet today’s increasingly stringent quality requirements.  The DD (+) is a high-performance oil coalescing filter that removes contaminants such as liquid water, oil aerosol up to 0.1ppm and particle size down to 1 micron. 

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Filtration Solutions For Quality Air

Maximum Filtration & Highly Efficient Drainage

Maximum Filtration & Drainage

Oil aerosol, wet dust and water droplet filtration and drainage. High-efficient glass fibre and foam media.

Energy & Cost Savings

Optimal design and filter media allow low-pressure losses.

High Reliability

High-performance stainless-steel cores, double O-rings, epoxy sealed caps, and anti-corrosive coated filter housing.

Easy Maintenance

External ribs on the threaded housing, or a rotating bottom cover for the welded housings, and push-on elements.

Monitoring of Energy Use

Differential pressure indication (indicator for sizes 10-35 l/s, gauge for sizes 50-8000 l/s) (optional for standard range)

Technical Specification

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Product Type: DD+ 

Filter Size: 45+ 

Nominal capacity (l/s, cfm): 45, 95 

Reference pressure (bar e, psig): 7, 102 

Maximum pressure (bar e, psig): 16, 232 

Connections (G): G ¾    

Connections (BSP):  ¾ BSP    

Weight (kg, lbs): 2.35, 5.18 


Contaminant: Oil aerosol/wet dust 

Test method: ISO 8573-2:2018, ISO 12500-1:2007 

Maximum carry-over (mg/m3): 0.08* 

Average wet pressure drop (mbar): 119 

Element service: After 8,000 operating hours or 1 year 

Element service (flanged filters): after 4,000 operating hours or 1 year or 350 mbar pressure drop 

Precede with: Water separation 


A (mm, in): 135, 5.31 

B (mm, in): 110, 4.33 

C (mm, in): 442.6, 17.4 

Free space for cartridge replacement (mm, in): 110, 4.33 

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G 3/4"

Nominal Capacity (cfm)

95 cfm

Max Working Pressure (bar)


Stages of Filtration