Compressed Air Filter UD25+

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Compressor element lubrication and your compressor installation itself can release oil aerosols and wet dust in your air system.   

UD+ filters efficiently remove these contaminants to protect your equipment and your processes. These innovative filtration solutions are engineered to cost-effectively provide the best air purity and meet today’s increasingly stringent quality requirements.   

The UD+ combines two filtration steps (DD+ and PD+) into one, a unique technology to meet the quality requirements of diverse applications and offer superior energy savings. The UD+ filter provides the same air purity as a DD+-PD+ filter train with a lower pressure drop. 

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Filtration Solutions For Quality Air

Maximum Filtration & Highly Efficient Drainage

40% Energy Savings

A 40% lower pressure drop than the conventional filter combination results in a 40% higher energy efficiency.

Pure Air

Air purity is equal to that obtained using two filters in line, thanks to the thick filter package of UD+ filters.

Save Space

The two-in-one filtration concept reduces installation space and complexity, making UD+ filters particularly suitable for applications where space is at a premium.

Save Money

Install UD+ filters to enjoy significant cost savings compared to conventional filters.

Technical Specification

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Product Type: UD+ 

Filter Size: 25+ 

Nominal capacity (l/s, cfm): 25, 53 

Reference pressure (bar e, psig): 7, 102 

Maximum pressure (bar e, psig): 16, 232 

Connections (G): G ½  

Connections (BSP):  ½ BSP 

Weight (kg, lbs): 1.45, 3.20 


Contaminant: Oil aerosol/wet dust 

Filtration technology: Wrapped 

Test method: ISO 8573-2:2007, ISO 12500-1:2007 

Maximum carry-over (mg/m3): 0.001* 

Wet pressure drop (mbar): 220 

Element service: After 8,000 operating hours or 1 year 

Element service (flanged filters): after 4,000 operating hours or 1 year or 350 mbar pressure drop 

Precede with: Water separation 


A (mm, in): 106, 4.17 

B (mm, in): 90, 3.54 

C (mm, in): 415.1, 16.3 

Free space for cartridge replacement (mm, in): 90.5, 3.56 

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Nominal Capacity (cfm)

53 cfm

Max Working Pressure (bar)


Stages of Filtration