Oil Water Separator OSC25

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Atlas Copco’s OSC25 offers adsorption-based condensate management for oil-injected compressors.

If the oil in the compressor condensate is not removed before it enters the sewage system, it can cause significant environmental damage.

Therefore, condensate treatment is not only the responsible thing to do; in most countries, it’s the law. Thanks to its multi-stage filtration, Atlas Copco’s OSC removes oil from your compressor’s condensate with unmatched precision to achieve an oil content of 10 ppm at outlet.

The Atlas Copco OSC oil-water separator uses proven, reliable and robust technology to remove oil concentrations to a maximum of 10 ppm.

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Simple Separating Solutions

Clean, Green & Effortless Maintenance


Dual-stage filtration with polypropylene and activated carbon remove a wider range of oil types. Organoclay cartridges are available to take on stronger emulsions in the second chamber. The discharge condensate contains so little residual oil (10 ppm, 5 ppm if required), that it can be drained without environmental risk and in compliance with regulations.


You can verify filtration performance using the test outlet. A service indicator signals the polypropylene filter is saturated. An overflow indicator monitors correct water passage.

Oil & Water Separators - Model: Oil Water Separator OSC12

Ease of Use

The simple yet robust design allows for easy installation without special set-up. Easily removable filter bags and cartridges simplify and shorten maintenance. You enjoy a long service interval of 4,000 hours.


OSC 12-15 are small single-use units. The larger units are serviceable. OSC 12-625 are two-stage units, while the OSC 1250-2500 are three-stage units. OSC 2500 uses a flow divider to evenly split the flow between units.

Technical Specification

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Model: OSC 25

Max Capacity* (l/s, m3/hr, cfm): 31, 113, 66

Max Capacity** (l/s, m3/hr, cfm): 25, 90, 53

  *Mild Climate without dryer & filters

**Mild climate with dryer & filters

(Capacity is based on the compressor running at 7 barg/100 psig or 12 hours per day, with all condensate from the compressor, the air receiver, the filters and refrigerant dryer piped into the unit. All capacities are based on an outlet oil content of 10 mg/l)

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Max Capacity (L/S)