Roto Screw Compressor Oil

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Ultimate Mineral Oil for your GA/GX compressor

Atlas Copco Roto Inject Fluid NDURANCE is a mineral-based oil specially formulated to protect your GA, GX & G rotary screw compressor.

With several years of experience in developing cutting edge technology on compressors, Atlas Copco has designed a unique additive package that enables the Roto Inject Fluid NDURANCE to work in harmony with all other components in the compressor.

With extended service intervals of up to 4 000 hours when operating in mild conditions, RIF NDURANCE is a combination of a premium mineral base fluid with an enhanced additive package to allow your compressor to operate in dusty and humid conditions and keeping your system deposit free. The tailor-made viscosity (55mm²/s) together with specially designed anti-wear additives provides your compressor with the right lubrication for rotors, bearings and gears for widespread operating conditions.

Ideal for workshops, body shops and small/medium-sized industrial users.

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Superior Running & Performance

High Resistance against pollution & high temperatures

High Resistance

Resistance against heavy pollution, high operating temperatures and high humidity protect the compressor from oxidation, leading to a longer drain interval: up to 4 000 h or 1 year in mild ambient conditions.

Perfect Sealing & Anti-Wear Properties

Anti-wear additives are developed to protect the rotors and bearings during operation, preventing metal-metal contact of critical parts. Will also prevent air leakages in the element.

Protection Against Corrosion

Roto Inject Fluid NDURANCE separates easily from water, maintaining original lubricant properties. This ensures that water is kept out of the oil circuit, avoiding corrosion on the metal parts.

Oil System Free of Deposits

High oxidation resistance of the base fluid in combination with specially designed antioxidant additives will avoid formation of lacquer or sludge when operating in specified conditions. This reduces contamination in the oil separator that would lead to pressure drop or blocking of valves.

Roto Inject Ndurance Oil 5L

Good Demulsifying Properties

Roto Inject Fluid NDURANCE separates easily from water, protecting the system from emulsions. Enables the optimum performance of the Atlas Copco OSC & OSD treatment devices.

Low Foaming Tendency

Good air release properties make sure the air is efficiently separated from the lubricant without foaming. Increases the efficiency of your compressor by avoiding pressure drops in the separator element.

Optimized Viscosity

Tuned lubrication that guarantees the correct oil film during operation. Full protection of the moving parts at a wide spread of operating conditions.

Volatility & Oil Consumption

Premium mineral base fluid containing fewer volatile components. Reduces oil carryover compared to typical mineral compressor oil.

Technical Specification

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Lubricant Characteristics

Density @ 15°C : 0.87 kg/dm3             (ISO 3675)

Viscosity @ 40°C: 55 mm2/s               (ASTM D445)

Viscosity Index: 106                             (ASTM D 2270)

Foam Stability: 0/0/0 ml                     (ASTM D 892)

Total acid number: 0.1 mg KOH/g     (ASTM D 974)

FZG fail stage: 11                                  (ISO 14635-2)

Rust test: Pass                                      (ASTM D 665B)

Pour point: -33 °C                                 (ASTM D 97)

ID Card

Oil type: Mineral-based lubricant
Service intervals: 4000h or 1 year at mild ambient conditions
Mild ambient conditions: Ambient temperature range from 0°C to +30°C and dusty environment or ambient temperature range from 0°C to +30°C and humid environment
Maximum operating pressure: 13 bar
Equipment: Atlas Copco single stage oil-injected screws
Compatibility: GA, GX & G compressors
Appearance: Colourless to straw pale yellow, transparent

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