Automan Piston Compressor Oil

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Automan piston compressors pose extreme demands to lubricants: the high compression temperature, possibly exceeding 150C (300 F), pressures up to 20 bar, condensation typically during low cycle load and dust contamination in installations that are not optimally maintained.

Traditional lubricants cannot cope with these extreme conditions, resulting in fast oil degradation, overheating and potentially irreversible damage and high repair costs. Therefore, high performing lubricants increase the equipment lifetime. The Atlas Copco Automan Fluid has been developed as a high resistance lubricant, withstanding severe conditions, with a long service interval and superior performance.

Considering the low oil content in piston compressors, often less than 2 litres, the economy of lesser quality oils is simply not worth the risk.

Ideal for workshops, body shops and small/medium-sized industrial users.

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Superior Running & Performance

High Resistance against pollution & high temperatures

Designed for Piston Compressors

Automan Fluid is not just another oil, but an engineered product designed to resist the demanding operating conditions of piston compressors. It has a long lubricant lifetime, despite high operating temperatures, high pressures and often excessive dust contamination.

Robust Formulation

Resistance to very high operating temperatures is critical. The base oil quality, the chemical formulation of additives and the high-quality blending process ensure superior temperature resistance of Automan Fluid.

Automan Oil 2L

Contamination Resistance

Water resistance and protection against miscibility are essential to maintain lubricant properties. With Automan Fluid, there is no early degradation of the oil due to water presence in the piston crankcase. This allows for increased protection against corrosion and a longer lifespan of lubricating activity.

Excellent Seal Compatibility

Automan Fluid is not harmful to sealing materials. It is compatible with silicone seals, PTFE and polystyrene foams, and compatible with paints on an epoxy or phenolic resin basis. Reduces risk of leakage, no need for regular resealing of equipment.

Technical Specification

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Lubricant Characteristics

Density @ 15°C: 0.890 kg/dm3            (ISO 3675)

Viscosity @ 40°C: 93 mm2/s                 (ASTM D445)

Viscosity Index: 103                               (ASTM D 2270)

Foam Stability: 0/0/0 ml                       (ASTM D 892)

Total acid number: 0.08 mg KOH/g     (ASTM D 974)

Rust test: Pass                                         (ASTM D 665B)

Pour point: -18 °C                                   (ASTM D 97)

ID Card

Oil type: Mineral-based lubricant, specifically engineered for piston compressors
Service intervals: Yearly
Mild ambient conditions: Ambient temperature range from 0°C to +40°C
Maximum operating pressure: 15 bar
Equipment: Atlas Copco oil-injected pistons
Compatibility: Automan compressors
Appearance: Amber colour

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